Introducing our Family

all threeIt seems like only yesterday that my husband, Justin, and I decided to start trying for a baby.  For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to be a mother.  I couldn’t wait to hold a baby of my own, and I could spend hours daydreaming about what this little person would be like.  I thought getting pregnant would be easy, especially when you have spent the past four years of marriage trying not to.  Much to our surprise, it was difficult for us to conceive.  The best reason our doctor could give us was “unexplainable infertility”, which basically meant that he had no idea why we were having difficulties, even after their analyses of me and my husband.  This, as you can imagine, was discouraging.  At least when you can identify a problem, you can come up with solutions to try to fix it.

So, long story short, after two years of fertility treatments, we finally got our wish!  I remember going into the doctor’s office for my first ultrasound, after spending the entire time since that stick came up positive, praying that something… anything “alive” would show up on that ultrasound.  When my doctor showed us two little tadpole-looking-things on the screen, we were floored!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was like winning the lottery…twice!

I was blessed to have a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Our twin fraternal boys Jace (baby A) and Jet (baby B) came at 36 weeks.  Perfectly healthy little boys!  I wish I could tell you what the first few months were like… I wish I would have started this blog from the beginning so that I could have something to look back on.  But honestly, those first few months are a complete blur to me.  All I remember was praying for a four hour stretch of sleep all the time, and waiting for my husband to come home from work so I could finally shower.  When the boys hit seven months, we were in for a big surprise.  We were blessed to find out we were expecting again!

This was both exciting and terrifying for me… probably more terrifying.  I couldn’t believe it.  After it had been so difficult to conceive the first time, this happened so easily.  I wondered how we were going to do.  Logistically, how am I going to take three babies out on my own?  Would I be forced to be homebound?  How can I give three children my attention when I already felt I wasn’t giving enough to the two I had now?  And when would I be able to sleep?  The boys weren’t sleeping now.  It was a miracle that my husband and I found the time to conceive another one!

Juliet was born this past October, and I shouldn’t have worried so much.  If there is a will, there is a way.  She is a perfect addition, and truly is such a blessing.  Besides, we needed another girl in this family!

I have my bad days, but my good days always outnumber them.  There is something really special about watching your kids who are so close in age grow up together.  It is perfect chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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