Holiday Traditions for those with Little Ones

I realize that it is not even Halloween yet but I can’t help getting excited for this holiday season.  The boys are a bit older this year and I am hoping that they will start to really enjoy this year’s holiday festivities.  That being said, they will only be two and half years old so many of the family traditions that I would love to start they probably do not have the attention span for.  Our little princess, who just turned one, will probably only be excited because her brothers are.  Here are some of my favorite holiday traditions that you can do with your young ones:

  1. Make an ornament time capsule.  I absolutely love this idea found on – I only wish I started the kids first Christmas.  You use a clear ornament and on a piece of paper write some of the moments events and fun tidbits about your child that year.  Tuck the sheet in the ornament and decorate it with the current year.  I love having a tree just full of wonderful memories!
  2. Christmas/Holiday Themed Book advent Calendar. I did this last year and this year I have been keeping an eye out for cheap holiday books at any mom 2 mom sales or garage sales.  I only had 10 Christmas themed books last year so I ended up checking out an additional 15 books from the library to add to the book advent calendar (they weren’t due until after the holiday).  I wrapped each book and the kids got a kick out of having something to unwrap at the end of the each night and winding down with a Christmas story.  On Christmas Eve, I save my favorite book:  The Night before Christmas.  Check out this tradition here:  The Real Housewives of Riverton
  3. The Night Before Christmas Box. I did this for the first time last year.  Toy boys were one and a half and Juliet was nearly 4 months old.  Needless to say they didn’t really get it.  They did, however, enjoy unwrapping something.  They each got a box with a brand new pair of Christmas PJs, a small Rudolf stocking filled with a piece of chocolate candy.  I tried to get a picture of all three of them in the Christmas jammies which was impossible.  I still love this Night before Christmas box tradition and fingers crossed I get a better picture this year.

    This is the best picture I got in their Christmas jammies.  I have no idea where my third child is.

    This is the best picture I got in their Christmas jammies. I have no idea where my third child is.

  4. Christmas Cookie Giving. This is a new one I would like to try this year.  I am sure that it will be quite the mess and more frosting will end up in their mouths than the actual cookie but I want them to start learning the concept of making something someone and giving it to them.  Each child has a set of sugar cookies to decorate.  After they are done they put them in a plastic bag to give to two people to say thank you.  This could be the mailman or their Sunday school teacher.  This will probably take a lot of direction and I anticipate a little tantrum of not wanting to give up the cookies but it’s better to start early showing them that this is the season of giving, right?  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

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